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“To contract new debt is not the way to pay old ones.”

How can you reduce debt?

Everyday living is complex enough, not to mention having to deal with the added burden of managing debt.

Money troubles can cause stress which in turn, may put relationships under strain, impact work performance - even lead to serious health problems. That’s why it’s important to have a flexible budget with a debt management plan that allows you to tackle any issues quickly.

It’s not merely about taking control of your money and reducing debt; it’s about enjoying life again. The good debt reduction plan will allow you to repay affordable inexpensively while still being able to meet your daily bills. Imagine putting a stop to calls from debt collectors, no longer sleep deprived nights thinking about expenses or fighting with your loved ones over your finances.

What are the Warning signs?

There are numerous reasons why you might need help with your finances. You may lead a busy life that doesn't give you time to manage your day-to-day debts or small changes to your income. For some people, it takes a while to start feeling the pinch.

Perhaps your debt has been creeping up over time thanks to interest charges, overspending or finding it hard to make ends meet

  • You don’t know where to start with managing your debt
  • You constantly worry about your finances
  • You feel saving is no longer possible
  • You fight with loved ones about money
  • Keeping up with loan payments is becoming tougher
  • Bills are stacking up and are often overdue
  • You forget about bills you have received
  • You frequently take out short-term loans
  • You often overdraw your account
  • You’ve maxed out your credit card
  • You can’t pay off your credit card in full each month

We understand your situation and our approach is to help you design a debt management solution that helps to relieve your stress and puts you on the path to lifelong financial success.

How we can help with Debt Management?

At Refer Financial we start a savings plan for each client. This will get you on track to break that cycle of living on credit, paying off debts and using a safety net to drop back on.

We can help you with debt management strategies to help you get ahead or get you out of trouble.

We can advise you on:

How much can you afford to borrow without getting into financial trouble

Paying off your debts as soon as possible

your borrowings so you can maximize any tax deductions

Financial strategies to get you out of trouble if your debts are out of control