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Self-managed Super Fund, Superannuation Melbourne

“It’s never too late to plan for retirement.”

Superannuation refers to the preparations which you have in destination to fund your old age. Superannuation in Australia is government-supported and encouraged, and minimum provisions are required for workers.

Super Explained:

super is your savings for retirement. How you spend your good time in pension may be directly related to how much cash you have to do the things you love

Be it planning a holiday, refurbishing your home or simply spending additional time with family, your super is one of your most valuable assets and an important source of income once you stop working.

How much super is enough?

The particular amount of super you will need will depend on what you want to feel in retirement.

Even if you need to live a modest lifestyle, you’ll still need to make day-to-day purchases and also have enough money for amusement and the occasional vacation.

The compulsory super efforts your employer makes, on your behalf are not likely to be enough to reside a comfortable lifestyle, particularly when you intend on taking abroad holidays or refurbishing your home.

So how much super is sufficient?

As a general estimation, you’ll need up to 67 percent* of your pre-retirement salary to maintain your lifestyle and fulfill some of your retirement dreams. Whilst this may appear a lot, it can be achieved if you plan ahead.

Our Super strategies:

How you plan and manage your super will have an enormous effect on whether you accomplish your retirement goals. Presently there are a number associated with different strategies you are able to utilize to help you achieve your objectives.

So how exactly do you know what's right for a person?

A Refer financial advisor can help you get benefit of the many plus varied opportunities within super like:

» Consolidating your super
» Making smart investment options
» Contributing more to super and taking benefit of concessional and non-concessional contribution limitations
» Investigating if you're qualified for the government co-contribution scheme
» Splitting contributions together with your spouse
» Explaining how DO-IT-YOURSELF super works and in case it's right for a person
» Transitioning to retirement.
» In order to find out more regarding super strategies make a good appointment with a financial planner.